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Company objective

Blue Star Line A/S wants to serve the customer with the best quality of the services with the greatest flexibility – all with the best personnel available.

Blue Star Line A/S wants to foster professional and long-term relationships with our customersthrough our organisation, services, and working procedures to suit the individual and specific requirements of our customers.

Blue Star Line A/S will deliver an overall service, which fully satisfies our customer. This is the most important criteria for success.

Background - core business

Blue Star Line A/S was founded in 2004 and is situated in Faaborg- Denmark, a sceneric town with historical maritime relations.

The original purpose of Blue Star Line A/S was to establish a market leading anti oil pollution company, and the M/V Blue Castor was acquired.

The company now offers a wide range of services to the clients, such as Marine Geotechnical Investigations, Pipe and Cable Laying Route Clearance and Pre Lay Grapnel Runs, Supply Services, Rig Moves, Anchor Handling, Diving Support, ROV Surveys, Guard Vessels etc.

In order to comply with the rapidly increasing demands from the offshore industry and further develop the business, the number of vessels owned and managed by the company has simultaneously increased. The company now owns a total of 9 vessels. 

24 hours a day our well trained and experienced crews and the staff ashore are prepared to meet the requirements of our customers.


Since the beginning Blue Star Line A/S has been involved in a considerable number of various projects in the offshore sector either based on its own or on chartered tonnage, and has become known as a professional and reliable business partner.

In Blue Star Line A/S we want to offer to our customers the best quality of marine services
in every respect. This implies that we believe in constant care and that we strive to be responsible and environmentally sound in our activities- globally as well as locally. Compliance with national as well as international legislation and conventions is a natural part of this.

We are committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and place high priority on environmental considerations in managing our business.

It is our policy to conduct our activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, and that our vessel operations and employees do not harm the health and safety of others.

Regarding security it is our policy to show constant care to prevent breaches of security associated with our operations and we rank security considerations equally with commercial and operational factors in managing our business.

It is part of our policy that no employee, contractor or visitor shall be under influence or in possession of any alcohol or drugs while onboard our vessels.

All vessels owned by Blue Star line A/S except for the smaller vessels, are classified by DNV or RINA and the Danish Maritime Authorities. The vessels are accepted for world wide trade, and are ISM/ISPS certified. All vessels are equipped with the latest navigational and safety equipment.

Blue Star Line A/S • Markedspladsen 7 • DK-5600 Faaborg

Phone: +45 63 60 00 52 • Cell: +45 22 1​6 06 02 • Fax: +45 63 60 01 09 • CVR:26993121